Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review on New Boy

"New Boy" was a very intriguing short film to me.  The cinematography and the way they kind of compared Joseph's life in Africa and Ireland was very well put together.  Joseph is portrayed to be very quiet and shy at his new school.  He felt isolated and uncomfortable on his first day at his new school.  In my opinion, I did not like the way Joseph's teacher in Ireland treated the situations between Joseph and Christian Kelly.  She came across as cold and not very welcoming to Joseph who had experienced a lot in his life leading up to his move to Ireland.  She was much different than his teacher back home which was his father.  In the scenes we saw of him at his old school with his dad, he was always smiling and much happier.  Even though Joseph did not have a good start at his new school, he overcame the bullying by finding humor with the other kids after he and two others got a scolding from their teacher about an incident on the playground.  The film shortly ended after this leaving an impression to the audience that he was well off at his new school after a rough beginning as the other kids finally accepted the "new boy" of their class.